When small or big companies require money for their investment in business for smooth growth. So nowadays companies connect and deal with lenders. Like lended companies provide an Equity kicker where lenders give an amount of money to the borrower’s at a low rate of interest and after giving the money, lenders get a chance of being equity shareholders in the borrower’s company.

In simple words, Equity kicker is a technique of equity incentive where borrowers run their business for getting best performance to improve the return and purchase of debt securities which includes bonds and favored shares in a mixture with an equity instrument at a reduced charge of interest. The best advantage of being an equity shareholder in a company is that equity shareholders get a part of success in future.

The motive of using Equity kicker, to increase their company funds by interacting with many investors. Sometimes, companies face financial problems and are pissed off and their minds will be stuck and don’t work straight through their business due to shortage of money and can’ afford to get a huge fund with a higher rate of interest. so equity kickers are usually used with LBO’s and MBO’s, these transactions are so much risky but subordinated lenders use the Equity kicker, this will  reduce the risk of lending to companies with insufficient collateral for loans.

Equity Kicker In Real Estate

In this case, sometimes large companies need a huge investment to enhance their business but due to shortage of investment amount companies can’t fulfill loan requirements or enhance their business. So at this position, Equity kicker is very beneficial for investment purposes and also for lended companies. After borrowing money from lenders, lenders will become an equity position in a borrower’s company and will get ownership in debts.


  • This technique is beneficial for startup companies for financial progress.
  • Lenders as an equity position also get high payable from profit.
  • This technique attracts the investors to invest in the business by making securities.
  • This method can also be applied by real estate business to fulfill the installments of the loans and to create liquidity.
  • This technique is beneficial for both borrowers and lenders.

Now, it has become a tool where lenders can also trust and give money to investors and take equity positions in the borrower’s company.

Lenders also a major part of Equity Kicker

Yes, lenders have also a major part of the equity kicker because the lender will get ownership in the borrower’s company. After getting an equity position, lenders get a huge share of profit  in a company’s success. Lenders are also eligible to make decisions related to equity. If liquidity will arise, lenders also get ownership  in equity in terms of exchange that only can be paid and in case if liquidity does not occur, the lender continues to stay at the equity position. 

So Equity kicker is the best way of providing credit to the company with a low rate of interest and will get equity ownership in the equity. This is the best way to access funds and manage their transactions smoothly.