Making the right decision to choose expense tracking apps makes it easier for you to manage your expenses.

It’s very important to choose the right app that will track your expenses because effective cash management requires proper guidance of income and expenses. If you want to manage your expenses then it requires tracking your spendings. If you track your spendings then it will ensure that you will spend cash within your budget and it will help you to stay within your budget. There is one biggest challenge for running your own business is to manage and track your expenses but with the expense tracker apps, you can easily manage your income and expenditure. If you are using accounting apps then also you are not able to track your expenses. With these accounting apps, you can only record the billing and invoices but you can manage your expenses like traveling expenses, store receipts, etc. you can’t manage your small expenses. These small receipts can easily be misplaced and sometimes it can be mixed up with other receipts or invoices and sometimes it can be thrown into the trash. These will create a problem in the data.

In this modern technology world our problem is solved there are so many software and apps that help us in managing our expenses.   These apps are cloud-based and users are able to sync this app with their smartphone, tablets, or with their phones. These apps can be used to enter the spent amount and you can also take an image of the receipts or to take a digital image of the receipts. You can also scan the copy for future use.

These apps are specifically helpful for those employees who lost their receipts and throw their receipts into the trash. These apps are not so expensive, these are profitable for businesses to keep a proper record of the expenditure by managing the records

These are some best expense tracker apps and software to help manage your expenses.

  1. Quickbooks : Quickbooks is one of the top-rated and most popular accounting software for small and medium-size business houses. It is developed by Intuit for making their work short and accurate. This app is available on various platforms and the main aim of this app to fulfill all the accounting needs and make the accounting process smooth and easy.

Its layout is in the form of a real-time dashboard and it will help us to keep ourselves up to date with the financial transactions and you can link your bank account with this app. Your manual work will be reduced. You can track your invoices and clients’ payments. 

  1. Rydoo : Rydoo is also a paperless expense recording app for business houses and for enterprises. Its main motive is to track the expenses and allow you to do without expending any penny on the accountant. Yourself you can track the expenditure. This app helps in saving a lot of time. You don’t need to manually input the records. You can record the receipts via scanning or by mails. Once the record is done you can import the data when required.

You can categories your data or receipts. In this app, there is one advance and overdue payment option and accordingly, you can go ahead.

  1.  Expensify : Expensify is also another automated business app. Its main purpose is to manage your expenses in real-time. It helps in making your books up-to-date without telling you. With this app, you can scan your receipts and move on with the other things. It will automatically generate the report and send it to you for your approval. This app will analyze your policy and work accordingly. This app is also cloud-based so the data loss problem is not there.
  1. Hurdlr : Hurdlr is another expense tracking app and its main purpose is to make your process simple and fast. This app helps in a tax deduction. This app is mainly developed for freelancers, realtors, hosts, etc. this app helps in auto-track mileage for all the expenses. So you can claim for every expenditure. This app gives you real-time status updates for your profit before an after-tax deduction. You can track your expenses on a single line. A free trial is also available for this app and the monthly cost is $ 7 for this app and annually it’s $60.
  1. Zoho Expense : Zoho Expense as its name specified its an expense tracking app. This app is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This app will automatically categories the receipts and grouped them together into a single report. You can also import transactions and move them to the expenses box. All the data is stored in the cloud and there is a low possibility of data loss. 

There are so many expense tracking apps in the market and we have discussed a few of them which we think are best. It’s up to you what you will choose. it’s completely your choice.